What ex means when she says its probably not a good idea to see me?

My ex of 14 months broke up with me three months ago and we kept up communication but not in a good way for a month and a half. Mainly it was me asking her to grab her stuff cause we lived together, to pay me for her insurance that i was covering for her and about keeping her cat.

These conversations typically lead into a fight, which seemed like she was wanting to do to reassure the breakup. One of the last conversations we had was me asking her to change her mail but she never did. She also took some shirts of mine and a couple of other things she didn't offer to bring back. She hasn't offered to exchange anything.

We did not talk for six weeks so i had to reach out to her cause of the cat. She took exactly one hour to reply but answered and i asked her if she was okay with the insurance and said she was. I offered to help her if she needed to to test the waters and offered her my netflix. She responded with why are you being so nice and i said its cause i care. She did not respond to that.

So a week later i got our cat fixed and let her know. She didn't respond and said he wasn't her cat anymore, nor the dog i bought her. She was still mad about things i said to her involving them so she got upset. I asked her why she doesn't care and she said she does but said:

Its probably not a good idea to see you

I asked her what that meant and she never responded. What does this sound like? Or seem like to you?


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  • Rule #1: Never deal with ex's.

    She says it's not a good idea to see because all you do is end up fighting.


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