Do you think I have a chance at rekindling our relationship?

we've been family friends for a few years before we started dating. Our relationship was about five months. He's tried to cheat on me a few times and within the first month, he made out with another girl. I found out that he hooked up with this same girl right before we starting dating and right after we broke up.

they're friends but they haven't spoken in a while, but my ex still remains in contact with me as friends.
Do you think I have a second shot now that he doesn't speak often to the other girl?


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  • Why would you want to be with a guy who cheats on you. Walk away and don't look back.
    The only other option is you declare that cheating or 'making out' with other people while in a relationship with you is a deal breaker and you are worth more than that.
    Don't give him the permission to behave badly. Either he is a nice guy or you find one. Don't compromise.


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  • NO he has pushed the cheating line that many times then he is not someone who can be trusted move on, Im normally all for trying to date exs if enough time has passed and you both care. But this guy does not sound worth it. He couldnt even get through the honeymoon phase of a relationship without trying to cheat what do you think he will do later on down the road?

  • So you want to rekindle with someone who has cheated on you? So what if he doesn't speak to the "other" girl. There will be ANOTHER "other" girl later. If you want to go back to him, then you get what you deserve.


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