Birthday text from ex?

My gf broke up with me 2 months ago and is seeing someone else. My birthday is coming up soon and I suspect she may text me. I honestly just want her to feel bad about how selfish she was. If she does text me, should I thank her or ignore her completely? What are the possible outcomes?


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  • It sounds like you WANT her to text you, or else it wouldn't even be an issue. However, you need to Ignore it. The best revenge is to live well. Or even better, block her number so you don't know if she texts you or not.

  • It may sound like im lying, but my ex broke up with me two months ago as well, and my birthday is coming up as well. She was selfish like your ex girlfriend. So what I would do is to just ignore the text, that's what im going to do if she texts me. I too want her to feel bad for putting me through a lot of pain. Moving on is the best revenge, trust me. She does't deserve your texts, so go ahead and ignore it. The outcome might be that she might get mad, but who cares? She broke up with you. She might even start over analyzing the situation and try and get back together with you.


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