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he's been my ex for quite some time. after he notice I stopped chasing him, ( after breakup ) I was a mess and was always trying to find a way to get his attention or get us back, I got over it and met someone IN OTHER WORDS I STOPPED TEXTING. now he started texting me and I wouldn't reply, so he caught a tantrum, and got me to reply and in one of his text he said " I have been down is nice to hear fro someone special once in a "while", he never said that to me before, so as the OLD caring ex, I said " whats wrong if you don't mind me asking"? HE NEVER replied, was this a sneaky way for him to be chased by me? I mean I never texted after that.. but is he looking to have me chasing or some form of "seeing if I still care"?


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  • Possible !! Not a technique tho !! He just wanted to know if you still care, in other words if you still like him. Well now he knows. Not a magic trick or sneaky way... It's very simple.

    • Haha! bastard!!! well whatever I didn't keep "asking" after that I asked once, and left it alone. That's just childish, maybe I should be a biatch next time and just sent him a box of tampons

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    • hahah you are so right! yea he is that type of guy that wants all the attention not to brag but I am pretty nice looking and I have moved on. so I was just being a sucker like we all have been at some point, he is expecting me to ask away " whats wrong, why are you down"!! fuck off!! not o MO! lol

    • You just did !! Lol but it's cool.
      Yea, some people are like that, they don't care who but they always want some one to follow them around and adore them. So you know what to do. Smart girl. :)
      Good luck.

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  • Rule #1: Never deal with ex's.

    Who cares why , how , or what. Ignore him and move on.

  • I don't think that it's really a conscious decision, rather he's just being immature and acting out.

  • Yeah sounds like it.


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