Need advise on breakup?

I've been dating this girl for 3 months things were good she told me she loved me even though we just started dating. at first we would talk all the time and see each other throughout the week. The last month we dated school started and we couldn't see each other because she was busy with work not only that but she slowly started to stop talking to me and even to the point it seemed like she was ignoring me. she used to reply right away and keep the conversation going. A month and 2 weeks past of me not seeing her and I got her to talk to me about us. she said she feels bad that she can't see me but still wants to be together but then she says this "I think we should be friends its hard but you deserve better no guy should go weeks without seeing there girlfriend" I told her how I felt and that I can't be her friend then she says another reason we should be friends is that she moving, we're she's moving to is only 30 minutes away. What should I do


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  • she's trying to care about your feelings more.. if she can barely see you or talk to you, maybe you should move on.. its hard on her too but its for the best unless you two can work through it with barely talking through out your whole relationship.


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  • Yes sometimes time apart will make you realize or remember the time together - it can't hurt let go of the looking needy thing and say lets get dinner I miss talking with you. See where it goes from there. If she says yes, thats a positive that she is still interested.

  • She made it pretty clear she isn't interested. If you love or want someone no matter how busy you are you will make time for them. Don't contact her and just leave it be.

  • Do it if you feel like. Nothing to loose


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