I need serious to get over my long distance ex. Any comfort and help is appreciated as I cannot stand this keeping coming back?

I got all my friends and family fed up with the situation I am having so instead of continuing to talk about it, crying and being little loser who cannot get her shit together after a LDR BU, I decided to go anonymous for help so my story:I had this guy as my first serious relationship at the age 21. i hung out with guys before but never got serious with them. he was an exchange student as i was at that time. so we spent a year and we talked about us and decided to go for ldr. we were successful for a year but it suddenly shattered due to being unable to close the distance due to career and visa situation, work permit and etc. after a stupid fight, i said 'do you want me to set you free cuz u have no guts to tell me u dont want me anymore' he cried that he said he didn't wanna lose me first but then suddenly he changed his mind and said he doesn't see me in his future. He was the one making all plans like when to get married, have a baby etc. And he was the one who came to my country to visit me and request me to meet my parents. he was the one writing all sweet notes and sentences "i wanna get old with you" and etc. anyways we broke up. I wanted to talk to him a week later for closure and he seemed like he had already moved on. I didn't beg him, i didn't ask questions, i just said i am glad to meet him, had this relationship etc. after last talk i go for 3 months nc, then started talking again. couple times we talked but he acted and sent the emails basically stating how great his life is. he never answered late to my email or text everything was instant but i was pretty much bothered that he was happy. i went to another nc for 2 more months, closed my fb, deleted him from everywhere, had a backpacking trip alone for a month when i got back home and my job, i was fine i thought i am over him, i got executive board of two organizations, runnin, playing cello some more new hobbies to be with pple more. it keeps coming after 7 months. what should i do?


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  • awwweee this started out really cute but ended up badly im for sure he's just saying life is good to hide whats really going wrong i think he misses you to sometimes its best to just flat out come out with whats bothering you or how your feeling honesty is the best policy either way you get the closure you need to move on for him to do that that fast means he really did care but for him to so quick let you go shows he wasn't at all the right guy for you a guy won't let go of someone he truly loves or wants a future with


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  • I see this question is very old.
    If you still need someone to talk to about this feel free.


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