Help! I need advice on how to get my ex boyfriend back please!!!

my ex boyfriend dumped me should I try to get him back or wait till he comes back? Will he come back? We were so in love talking about marriage and our future we have a strong connection everything was good until a couple of wks before he brokeup with me, he got distant We were together for 3 years, I have been doing NC for 2 wks now, I miss him but I'm scared he doesn't miss me, we have talked a couple of times when I was chasing him the first 3 wks he was mad and angry, but he broke up with me he should be happy. by the way I was good to him I gave him everything and wanted the best for him, in the end of the relationship I got clingy and I would ask whats wrong, I did chew him out when he canceled dates and wouldn't see me, I don't know if it was my fault or his, he just leaves he ignores me don't respond to my texts or anything then he blocked me on Facebook, how can he be so cold when he use to love me, by the way there was no cheating or abuse or any bad stuff we had a good relationship. Does anyone think he will come back? Or regret this sooner or later, also we were both each others 1st love, he told me that everything was my fault he said he loved up until the day he broke it off, he says he was over me but he has so much mixed singnals and he just keeps yelling at me I don't even know why. I'm so confused


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  • Well it is confusing, the details you gave do not hint at any reason why did break up. You seem to assume that you got too clingy because you made remarks about him cancelling dates and being distant. I think the fact that he was cancelling dates and being distant is a sign that he already started to make the decision, even before you went full clingy. A potential but totally hypothetical scenario : You told us you were both first loves. Maybe he's not sure anymore if you are the one, after all you were his only one so maybe he thinks he's missing on life, especially if he gets the impression that his single male friends are having a lot of fun. In that case, I think he just needs some space and should contact you back if he truly loves you, but that could take a lot more time than your mental strength can handle...

    Do you have any idea at all why he broke up with you? What did he say, how long has he been distant, how fast did he cut off contact?

    • Thank you for your insight. I think maybe bc I didn't go to college, when he came back from his college I think he was looking into the future and knowing I don't have a career he thought I could not provide for him, he said we both should have carerrs when we were dating, he wanted to be proud of me, he doesn't care what I should do he just wanted me to have some kind of career, I was gonna go but I was scared I would loose him, when I was thinking about going we argued if I should go or not, I wanted him to tell me what he thought, he just said what ever makes me happy, so I didn't go, then after he dumped me I find out it, and I was already decided to go again but I was waiting to tell him and asked what he thought, but before I could he left me. I think last time we talked he said if u went to college we would still be together Then I told him I didn't go bc of him and he got really mad. He has been distant for a couple of weeks, the 2nd day after he left me but for 3 wks we talked

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    • Well I'm sorry but I don't know, I don't know him and I don't know how you were as a couple. There's always chances for anything, there is always hope, but you should make yourself a favor and try to focus on your studies. I know it is easier said than done... Maybe you'll meet someone else and realize you can love him more than your ex, or maybe you will both continue to love each other but won't get back together until many years from now, maybe he'll contact you during your studies... Impossible to know, and lingering on "what if"s will hurt you more than it will help you. Focus on yourself, realize you don't need a relationship to live your life while you study. There is a chance, but forget about that chance for now.

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