Is there anyone who misses there kids?

I am a single father with a 7 year old daughter who I share custody with her mother (we've been separate 5 years). I get my girl 50% of the time. But I find when I don't have her I miss her terribly. I used to call her every day for 5min at bedtime, but her mom doesn't want to allow that anymore (she's very spiteful, despite having left me). Anyway I miss my daughter so much I find myself very depressed. Anyone else experience this? What do you do?
*their kids


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  • Sorry to hear that. It must be tough. But as she gets older she will have a lot more say. Maintain a tight relationship with her.


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  • I'm sorry to hear that... have you tried talking to your daughter about it? maybe she can convince her mom to let you call her every day, because she misses you... as a mom, she should want to make her kid happy.

    • True but I don't want to use my daughter to fight this. This is more between me and her mom. I also want to protect her from finding out that her mom can be so spiteful, as long as I can.

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    • Yes but I don't want to get into the 'your mom said...'. She will figure the truth out soon enough.

  • im sorry to hear that. is there any other time during the day that you can call your daughter? is the mom not allowing you to call her at all, or just before bedtime?

    • Sadly her mom's no call restriction is at any time. I know she is doing it to hurt me because i believe she is jelous of our close relationship (mom doesn't call at all, and finds parenting a constant chore, whereas I love being a parent.) I always keep the call short so as not to impose on 'her' time. She dosen't seem to care that not only is it punishing me but her daughter also.

  • Just because her mother doesn't allow you to do certain things for your daughter dont be discouraged on keeping that tight bond with her, because her mother could end up manipulating her into thinking your a bad father and she will grow up resenting you. i know this from my own experiences..


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