Has my ex REALLY moved on? Will he come running back?

Hi, so me and my ex boyfriend got together last year July 2013 and we start talking through one of his friends. As time went by me and him became closer then in October we went into a relationship. We were together for a year but on and off becaus we had problems and break up but no matter what our connection was strong whenever we made up,
He always told me I was the clingy type so I distanced myself from him around March. He thought this was a break up so he start talking to other girls. A month after that we began talking again and he had told me a few girls wanted my spot.
I didn't take him serious, so I continued to talk to him and see him. then on August he announced that he was in a relationship with a girl.
Every day I would be on his Twitter page and see subtweets about his new girlfriend. I thought he was doing it to make me jealous maybe he was but it started to feel as if he actually liked her.
I know he hasn't moved on completely and I know he still checks my Twitter page every here and then. We haven't talked ever since August where I bumped into him in a carnival. We sat down at a park and talked about his new girlfriend and how he wanted to still be friends with me because of all the good memories we had. He also tried to kiss me but I refused and told him to go back to his girlfriend. It turned into a big argument and ever since then we haven't spoken to eachother. I'm still heartbroken and thinking about iit makes my heartache. I'm stuck between if should hold on or just let go. MAybe he will come running back, just maybe. He seems so happy and chilled with his new girlfriend. All this energy and time I invested in him has gone to waste! I can't seem to enjoy talking to any other boy without thinking about him and his new girlfriend. His birthday and my one is coming up I was planning on doing some, thing with him but my pride is intact I won't go running after him now that he has a new girlfriend.


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  • Rule #1: Never deal with ex's.

    • Can you elaborate?

    • Yes, dealing with them only causes pain and confusion as you can see. You've typed an entire small novel trying to figure out what's going on. You'll just waste energy better spent elsewhere than dealing with them.

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