What is the best way to show my gf/ex that she is the only girl that I am interested in?

We had recently broken up, for the 2nd time. She means a lot to me! She is very insecure though, gets mad over the littlest things! For example, if I approve a friend request on Facebook, who happens to be an old friend from high school (she is not very attractive at all) but a very nice girl. She will explode!! I've told her time and time again, I've tried showing her, I've tried a bunch of things. She has been hurt before, and afraid it will happen again. Just a week ago, she started to ignore my texts, phone calls, deleted me off of Facebook. So, the only way I could think of to get ahold of her, was to try to reach her on the website we had met on, and she took that as me moving on and talking to other women. I love this girl to death, and desperate for answers. Hope you girls celp, if you have any guy issues id love to help as well! Thanks ladies


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  • Delete social media. Done. If a lot of your problems stem off of Facebook and other accounts then delete them. It isn't that great of a sacrifice. & she should delete hers too. There is really no point in having them. The people that mean something to you will always make a point to be present in your life.

    Ask her out on a date - tell her you want to show her that your heart is with her.

    • First, id like to thank you! Its always helpful to have more opinions. I've deleted FB and the other site. She didn't even have FB until I told her I was on there to keep up with my friends and family from my hometown, I live in Kentucky, and Im from NH... Only reason I had it. She told me she wanted to be part of every aspect of my life, which I loved to hear. Now, FB has only caused issues, but she got mad at me for trying to explain everything to her, and said she was about to block my numer, thats the issue. I know she still has pretty strong feeling for how upset she gets. So thats the biggest issue, is reaching out to her. I don't know if i should just give her time, or just give up and move on. Its tough, cuz I can't read her mind

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    • I like that idea! I'll give it a shot, hope it works! Thanks, your very helpful!

    • Very welcome! Good luck:)

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  • Forget about her. She treats you like garbage - why would you want to stay with her?

    • She's real nice and sweet. She's just afraid of being let down. But in the process, me being so patient and feeling we can work things out, im stuck in a pretty tough spot. Id like to be with her, but if its not gonna happen, im gonna have to give up and move on at some point. Im just not ready for that...

  • Show her you only want her. Delete Facebook. Try harder and be honest.

  • hmmm tricky aren't ex's that for a reason. Maybe by showing her she the only one you want to be with


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