Ex Boyfriend/Father of Child?

My ex and I broke up a month ago. He left us. We just had a baby shortly before. Now he's dating and living with a 20 year old girl. He is 27 and I'm 30. Is he in a rebound? Does he even miss us? Will he come back? I haven't talked to him in a week but he use to contact me after the break up. Will he come to realize he's made a mistake?
The thing is we had our baby before the break up and he was so excited. Then he met this girl and got all the attention and still left me and our baby. She knows about us and he says he doesn't care about us at all. So he has seen his own blood


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  • Rebound, yes. Chances are that this girl is everything but a woman. And that isn't a hit on 20 year olds - heck I am 20. But, he just had his world prep for a total transformation when the child was born. What ever happened between you both was a adult trial. He is running back.
    I am sure that he will have reality hit. Especially with the holidays approaching. He was around during the pregnancy which shows that he does have a heart for you and a connection with the baby...
    Holidays are times with family - send him a photo of the baby dressed up as a turkey or something. lol

    I really hope all works out for your family.

    • Thanks for MH! How is everything with this situation?

    • The situation is worse than before. I didn't talk to him for a month and ignored him. Finally I answered him and he was nice and apologizing. But then he would just say awful things to me and blame me. Even went to say I was crazy and he feels sorry for our daughter to deal with me the rest if her life. He said he was doing ten times better since he left me. I'm so confused and hurt.

    • Ah. Cruddy. I am really sorry to hear that. I hope that you are able to find another single mother that you can connect with and have near for support. :/ he is really missing out, your ex... & that breaks my heart, the situation in whole for both of you. I will keep you lifted in prayers.

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  • Rebound? Possibly.

    Will he come back? Probably not.

    He may pop up from time to time when he is between girls, talking about him being a changed man and wanting another chance, but if he had the mindset to leave you right when you were having his child really shows that he doesn't not have a bond of love with you. He does not think of you that way, and probably never will. If it was possible to develop, it would have by now.

    When things go to shit, he will look to you for support, but that will not mean that he has suddenly'felt the love'. It will just mean that he needs support, and you are available.

    He will probably not stay with the girl he is with right now, but it is safe to say that he will continue to look for someone, and that the person he will 'finally end up with' will not be you.

    Shitty situation for you to be in. Sorry to hear it.

  • Well if he does not, have baby with that 20yr girl and once he gets to meet his own blood his son/daughter he is not making mistake he just is mid guided , he still thinks he can do better without realizing that he did his best. once he meet his own cute lovely little baby his gf will kick him, she is a women and understands that you and kid needs him more then her. after child birth females become repulsive due to their hormones so they get some time to recover in health, before having next baby. Do not worry much you will surely get hIm back and if not him then someone bbetter.


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