My girlfriend left our house and returned 3 days later after I cheated on her?

I have been to a massage parlor 3 days ago and got a nude massage and a handjob. I didn't tell her but she found out somehow And refused to speak to me about it. She told me she needs to be alone and left our house at night while I was at job. She didn't tell anyone else so no one knows where she was.

The thing that shocks me is that she just came back today morning and she was wearing high heels and a bra. She was wearing her coat and told me that I should not ask any questions if I want our relationship to continue. She is back to normal and is happy.

Wtf happened? She gets defensive every time I try to ask where she was. She told me today "what's your problem? Go get your ass rubbed loser"

She left to her friends house and that's it.

How do I get it out of her?


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  • Hey,

    I think she somehow repaid to you, thats all you need to know;D

    If you really want to know, wait for some time and then she herself will tell you.

    • What do you mean repaid?

    • Did the same thing, plus or minus.
      Or spent three days with her girlfriend and now wants you to think she's done something.
      I don't really know her.

    • She at least wanted to make you feel, like she also cheated on you, to make you feel bad. (if she hasn't done it). which I consider an understandable reaction, she wants to be secretive. As saccandra said... just wait it out, and see if things go back to normal.

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  • Sounds like she went and got even. Or maybe she's been cheating on you for awhile already and won't say anything.

    • What would you do?

    • Depends. Do you love her and how good is the sex?

    • Yeah I love her but the sex is not so good.

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  • You are lucky that she returned.. If you cheted on her you don't love her. So why you worry about it? You think with the wrong head -.-

  • Thats her revenge!


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