Is my ex ready to reconcile?

Ok, so long story short: My ex dumped me about a month ago. The reason for this was lost of attraction. We were perfect for eachother (on paper) but the attration for me faded. (looking at it now I think it was because we quickly got into that boring routine)

So I have been doing the No Contact so I could focus on myself. It worked well and I have learned to enjoy my life.
Now, these last 2 weeks she has texted me like 5-6 times. Just random "How are you doing" texts. I did not reply to any of them.

Yesterday I checked in on Facebook at a location in her city (we live in 2 different cities). And when she saw the checkin she texted me again, asking me what I was doing there.

This time I tried to reply. So I just gave her “The car needed some exercise” <- Clearly not the real reason
She just replied “Ah how nice”, and 10 minutes later “How are you doing”…

She actually accepted my reply even though it was stupid and clearly a lie? :)

Are these signs that she has second thoughts and might want to reconcile?

I did not reply anymore when she asked how I was.


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  • She either wants to reconcile or still misses you and wants your companionship until she is completely over you.

    • Yeah... Thats what I thought. Hope it is the first one...

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  • Rule #1: Never deal with exs. Keep ignoring her.

    • Thanks a lot for your reply. But it didn´t really answer the question here.
      I know I shouldn't deal with an ex, and that is why I am doing the No Contact. To move on.
      However, this behavior really got me wondering.
      If it is indeed because she had second thoughts and wants to reconcile, it makes it easier for me to move on (Yes I know it is rude that her being missirable makes everything easier on me, but it was rude of her to break up with me in the first place)

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