I want him back but I don't know what to do?

So i broke up with some guy , & we still talk like ever since we started talking we always joked around & we still talk but obviously its not the same i mean we still joke around lol. When i broke up with him i told him "hey i dont think we. should be together because i feel like you dont want to be with me anymore & i just can't right now cause i still like you but i need to get over you"& he didn't reply so two weeks later i texted him hey & he replied. The next day he texted me & then the next day i texted him & I've been the one starting the convos. I feel like shit tho because if he would want me back he would of been the one texting me but im the one who starts it & im tierd of crying. over this fucker & i just dont knw wht to do. What do you recomend?


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  • He has a grudge to a certain degree. He won't necessarily take revenge or anything but it seems like he is trying to protect his feelings. If you REALLY want to be with him, you can go ahead and try to hook up but that'll most likely piss him off. Doesn't mean that it won't work out, but you ARE pulling on his strings when you do so. He might forgive you if you apologize, but I also have a feeling like this wouldn't be the first time you break up with him (that's if you guys get back together).
    I will say this though, if both of you will put in the effort into restoration, your next relationship WILL be more dynamic. Do you're best to never repeat this mistake in the future though, cause it IS a mistake.


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  • call me and I will take care of you. I will take your mind off him.

  • You broke up with him... why do you care?


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  • You ended it so you could get over him, and it sounds like he got over you. It's sad but it would be cruel to try and get back together with him

    • Yeah thats true so i should like. just stop talking. to him then?

    • You don't need to stop being friends. Just don't expect him to come crawling back to you haha. He may just need time, he may be offended or hurt, or working through it. He may not want to date but he may still want a friend

    • Aw okayy (: thnkss this means a lot

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