I don't know what to do, please please help me!!!

how do you get over a broken heart? I gave this guy everything and he left me and I am so down I just need ways to make myself better, I self harmed yesterday and I promised myself I would never do it again but I am just so low so can anybody help me?


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  • one thing i learned in life is that you don't have to prove yourself to anyone. you will find a guy that loves you for being you, and won't make you think you have to change now and then because he likes you to be that way.. when you meet the right person, you won't feel pressured like that.. just keep your head held high and don't let anything bother you, live your life.. you don't get it always.. you deserve so much better, i'm sure your beautiful inside and out and some day some lucky guy will realize that.. don't harm yourself for a person who doesn't even care about what happens to you coz its not worth..
    Last thing, about being low.. make new friends, go to parties, have fun and always do the things which you like and want to rather than doing something which others want you to do.. You own your life, not anyone else..
    Stay happy and blessed..


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  • i feel ya.. gave everything to my gf and she dumped me XP... well start having a better life.. like reading , learning new things like playing guitar or piano, go around the world and see new people, you have a long way ahead of you since no one is there for you to care XP GLHF

    • I just ant one person to be there to stay, I am always left in the end

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    • edit:no on is worth your tears

    • thank you :)

  • What do you need? A purpose? A passion? What do you like about yourself? Do what you always wanted to do. Even if it's falling in love, you can do it all over again.

    • I like nothing about myself, I used to see myself as beautiful and all of the things he said and now I am just not good enough.. and I would but I have nobody

    • Do what @Paris13 said. Its going to feel strange and maybe even depressing from the usual. But you'll find yourself.

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  • With any Break Up, especially a new one, you haven't even begun to lick your wounds, sweetie.
    Take some time First to spend some alone time with yourself, doing some soul searching about everything. You need this space to find out what went wrong and to try and 'Never do it again.' And next time, for sure, don't wear your heart on your sleeve for anyone until you know you can really trust them to Not put you in 'Harm's way.'
    Sometimes having someone close to you that you can confide in helps to just have a shoulder to lean on, cry on. And as time goes on and when you're ready to go out there Again, Time will have healed many of your war wounds, for Time Does eventually----Heal all wounds.
    For now as well, find things to take your mind off of him. Going here on GAG is a great way to help others who may need someone like you who has a heart and has Been there.'
    Good luck, God bless. xx

    • Beautiful answer! :)

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    • Yes, it is, but I have also Found with a break up, a good break through is try not to have face to face contact or convo... Out of sight out of mind is a good cure many times... xx

    • okay, I do try not to talk to him, it was a long distance relationship but next September I am going to go to where he lives for uni and I don't want to bump into him and be back at stage one it you know what I mean? xx

  • I honestly know exactly how u feel. It's a natural feeling after a break up. You need to learn to love yourself again. This guy broke up with you most likely because of his own character and his own issues that may affect him in the long run. Unless you cheated or did something horrible to him, then there is nothing to blame yourself for. He dated you because he saw how wonderful and beautiful you are and that has not changed. Remind yourself that and that it's his loss. Surround yourself with positive people and talk to them. Even seeing a therapist may help for some clarity. You are still so young and have a whole life ahead of you. Embrace that. And whatever you do, do not contact him and delete him off everything. That helps a lot. It's digesting the virus out of your system.

  • I know how you feel I was in the same relationship with my ex, I gave him everything loved him at his worse, even though we argued I never gave up, supported him even though he was drinking, I put everything into our relationship and he yet treated me like a dog and played me as well. Give yourself some space from him and distance yourself from him and give yourself time to cry if you need to. Try to find things to do that excite you and make you feel good about yourself. Don't be so quick to beat yourself up just because he broke up with you. Maybe he was your first love who knows but that doesn't mean he will be your last. You are going to meet other young boys that will break you and some will make you, but you have to find that special someone that adores you and loves you. Give your heart time to heal, and give your wounds time to heal. I look at a break up as having a broken leg or a scare on my heart and I just give it a day or weeks or even a month to heal. Don't blame it yourself, it isn't your fault it is his lost. Just because someone breaks up with you don't put the blame on yourself, you have to remind yourself that you are strong and you do not need him and that he doesn't deserve you. Remind yourself that you are beautiful, gorgeous, and you will not settle for less than what you deserve. Don't put your all into a relationship if your partner isn't willing to do the same. A relationship is like a full time job, that person doesn't want half of you they want all of you. I had an ex that led me on when I went back to him and then all of a sudden broke up with me right out of the blue. I was broken for a couple of days, he made me cry I tugged onto his arm and he just left. It took me about 7 months to get over him it wasn't really easy because we go to the same high school together but it was worth it. Your ex doesn't deserve you, you deserve someone that loves you for you and is willing to make time for you. Keep your chin up don't let your crown fall.

    • THANK YOU!!! :)

    • Your welcome :) It took me a while to get over my first love and no it wasn't easy but it was worth it. Try to distract yourself and go out and hang out with your friends and try to avoid him as much as possible. My ex and I don't say a word to each other its just awkward eye contact then and there. I've moved on and lost feelings for him and we just grew apart, sad but true but I know I deserve better I'm done settling for less than what I deserve.

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