Stalking gf problems?

my gf broke up with me 6 months ago. we had bn with each other for 1 and a half years and were each others first @19. i totally went quiet on her after she called it off and now, she texts my bestfriend asking him how i am doing and telling him to keep it between the two of them lol. at school she dresses in the pants i bought her, and is all physically touchy with me whenever i run into her. Also, she now dresses childish for a 21 yo... could this be her way of deaking with the breakup?


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  • I don't understand your question. sorry. make it clear and I will come back here.


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  • no, she's stalking. Confront her and tell her to stay the hell away out of your life, or else you'll call the cops.
    And if she doesn't seriosly cal lthe cops!

    Because that's unacceptable behavior!


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  • Tell that bitch to step off


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