Ex bf gave me a hug but did not talk to me?

It was so unexpected, and so awkward at first. But he saw me and approached me with his friend and randomly came up to me and just gave me a hug, a really good tight hug that i was not expecting but he did not say no words to me. I was mainly talking to his friend.

As I was leaving, I said "bye guys" and smiled and he didn't say bye except his friend, he just kept looking at me and its was a look that i can't stop thinking about and can't explain lmfao

do you believe he was just being friendly or still has some sort of feelings? i broke up with him by the way 3 months ago and it was the firs time we seen each other
or I could be overanalyzing. He also tweeted that night "I seen her today" lol


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  • he misses you gurl!!! he wants you back in his arms... some feelings can't be described by words, sometimes a hug is the most beautiful way of saying "i missed you" XP hahaha well thats what i think... GLHF


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  • That is kinda weird. Especially ifu haven't seen or spoken to each other since the break up. But also, was it a bad break up? Or did he understand? Coz that could give u an insight of if he has feelings still or not x

    • It is. It wasn't good or bad. I basically got fed up with everything and just told him were better off if we don't date anymore and all he said was ok. This was through text & we haven't talked since this day. I knew he was really bitter about it after, he was on Twitter talking about me in some of his tweets and found a new "love interest" about 2 days after. So I don't know lol.

    • We haven;t talked at all*

    • Boy are weird. If he shows an interest don't over think it. Just see what happens

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  • He misses you.


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