How could he do this to me?

Well me and my ex broke up about a month ago. It really hurt me because I pretty much poured my entire heart into my relAtionship with him. I loved him so much. We broke up cuz I was clingy but we still flirted. So he sends me a text saying how much he loved me, how he saw me as a part of his future, as his future wife, the mother of his kids, and to be honest I saw him as the guy I really could see me marrying someday. He was my everything but then the day after he sends me that long romantic message, he asked out another girl. I'm trying to get over this but it's really hard for me! I was so naïve to think it would last. I mean I'm only 14 and he's 17. I can't believe He hurt me like this! Why would a guy do something like that if they truly love you? He tells me he loves me but how could he really if he would go and break my heart like that?


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  • best thing you can do is to learn as much from it as possible about boys and yourself. try to improve yourself, since it´s not the last timt shit like this is going to happen to you.
    don´t think too bad from him. he is still learning too and probably doesn´t know which effect his actions have on you. try not to think about him anymore and keep in mind, that even if it´s a bad one, it still is an valuable experience. some people don´t find anybody untill they´re much older than you.


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  • I know who she's talking about and I talked to him. Trust me. He feels like shit. The fact that he hurt you this much is tearing him apart from the inside. He loves you more than he loves himself. It's just that the relationship wasn't legal. Think about it. If you were caught with him he could have gone to jail. But still. Do you know what he's thinking? He literally feels that he doesn't deserve life, every time you talk to him he wonders why you're still friends with him. He hates himself. Every time you say that "you're used to it" he says it's like a giant gash opens in his heart. And when he saw his post he said all his emotions basically shut down. You know when you're so sad and you feel so worthless that you don't "feel anything"? That's been him for the past 3 weeks.

    • Oh god, I'm so sorry!! I wish he never saw this post! God I'm the asshole here

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    • Because he finally had a chance to date a girl he could hold and talk to outside internet relations that was actually old enough to legally date him.

    • I still love this guy

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