Broke up with my boyfriend but still want to make things work?

i broke up with my boyfriend last Sunday, so it will be a week tomorrow. We have been fighting a lot and i just felt as he did not seem as interested in me as, he never compliments me or expresses his feelings about me to me and, i get suspicious when he's texting cause he always acts secretive about it but says he isn't hiding anything and that he just doesn't tell me cause im always worrying about it and its annoying. we barley talk and hangout. he's always with his friends. i miss how we used to be, and i want to be with him but im tired of the arguing and us never having fun together. and there's more detail but it would be to much. but i really do care for him and i do want to be with him and I've tried talking but i just feel like whenever we talk it goes no where.


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  • well there are not many things you can do. You can hope that he will come to you and want to change. And if not then you have to move on, because if you go back to him nothing wil change.


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