Did I do the right thing or did I just over reacted?

So my father just passed away not to long ago and my bf couldnt be here in person but he promised he would talk to me everyday Skype and all that... but he hasn't talked to me much lately actually hardly at all it seems like he's ignoring me... so then he picked a time of day where we can talk and see how we are and stuff but then he still barely talks to me and he's constantly late... so i got mad and broke up with him did i do the right thing or did i over react?
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well i just found out that he was never planning on coming to my fathers funeral with me and then he disappeared to KC with his cousin without even telling me anything.


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  • It appears that you both are in a LDR when you mentioned the Skype deal and being he couldn't even Be there for you in the Lime light when dad passed away, shows me he Is--------Dead in the water, this cold hearted duck and dick. It's one thing when you can't be there in person, but to have made lame duck excuses with the 'Disappearing act' doesn't Fly with me.
    LDR are one of the hardest ones to maintain. It takes a lot of time and patience and effort on both parties or partner's ends to keep the cams and flames going. This bird is no exception to my golden goose rule.
    He is putting you on his pay no mind list, sweetie, and with this I find he doesn't care enough, even when the chips are down, to Send His Very---Best of anything But a rude and crude message that he could care less.
    Forget him, he's not worth your time. You have bigger fish to fry right now in trying to deal with a death of a loved one, which I can tell you first handed, like LDR, is Very hard to endure.
    Good luck, God bless, you have my deepest condolences. xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to shed some more light on this subject that isn't so light but knowing now when it is your darkest hour, the one who needs to console you the most, has disappeared into the darkness... I hope you are better, healing... xxoo

    • you really nailed it baby. well deserved to be the MHO :)

    • Thank you, my girl.. Yes, and well deserved this shmo to be put to rest and buried now... you most certainly deserve better.:)) xxoo

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What Guys Said 2

  • Can't really tell.. Maybe he is busy sorting out some stuff or may be ignoring..
    Ok so after you said him that you want to break off, what was his reaction to it? Does he says he want you back? Any changes you noticed in his behavior?

    • he hasn't said anything at all

    • Then i would say that you did a perfect thing.. A person who seriously loves you would always want to be with you and would fight as hard as possible to get you back.. im shocked that he din't even bother to talk about it.. he isn't for you dear.. you deserve much much better.. all i could say you now is try and move on in life..

  • You did the right thing by far


What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly, I think maybe you over reacted. Maybe he is the type of people that doesn't know what to say or do to console others who are grieving. I probably would have done the same thing as your boyfriend. Give you space to grieve.


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