I dream about my old girlfriend even though I have one right now. What do I need to do to stop dreaming about my ex?

I've been dating my current girlfriend for 5 months now and we are amazing together. But every now and then I would dream about my ex and I don't know why. We were together 2 years ago? So what's going on?


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  • Dude, I legit dreamed about my one crappy ex even though I'm in an 11 month relationship that I too am happy with. Though it's not reoccurring, just happened once last night. Did you come into contact with her or something that reminded you of her recently?

    • I recently saw here and she smiled at me. But I don't know how that would trigger me dreaming about her.

    • Just does man. Seeing someone just triggers an influx of old memories to appear and your mind can't help but think of her.

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  • She probably still thinks about you or misses you.

  • Do you still love her?


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