How to excalate after No Contact?

Hope to get some real replies here (No "Just move on" replies please)

She broke up a month ago (lost attraction)
After a month of No Contact I have worked a lot on myself. And it has worked great. I feel much better. She tried t text me like 5-6 times about how I was and such...

Now yesterday the NC was over and we ran into eachother at the gym. I was the one who walked over and said hi, and gave her a hug. We talked 10 minutes about random everyday stuff. We hugged and said goodbye. There was smiling and good eye contact. The rest of the day there was good texting back and forth. She showed me pictures as she got ready for a party, I told her how good she looked, she said I looked good, she told me I was sweet ect...

Now how should I escalate from here?
I am thinking: Keep texting for a week or so. But let her be the one who starts by sending the first text.
But I am really unsure on how to build attraction over text with an ex?


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  • Just sound confident in everything you send her. Dont seem like you need or are begging for her attention. Let her text first but not every time because in the back of her mind she's going to wonder why she's the only one putting that kind of effort into communicating. You can show her the improvements you've made in pictures, and if all is going well in about a week and you feel like she might want to take things a step further, I say invite her for some coffee/tea.

    • Thanks, this was helpful...
      Yes it is a fine line, right? :)
      I should not seem needy og begging, and let her initiate the contact. But still put a little effert into it... I hate this haha :)

      Yes, I was thinking on keeping it going via text for like a week. But hopefully she would suggest the coffee... (I actually did try to invite her for coffee a few days after the breakup, and did not get a reply)

    • I've been (and quite frankly am still in a horrid kind if way) in this position. Its nerve wracking isn't it? Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Maybe she will suggest the coffee! That'll be a great sign!

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  • You should keep doing what you're doing but don't be there for her 100%

    • Thanks. When her messages are just too random and clearly sent to a bunch of friends I am not replying. Like the snapchat I recieved ealier today: A picture of her with the text "ready to go shopping"... That was clearly a message sent to many friends, and did not say "I really want to have a conversation with you"

    • pretty much, just keep doing what you're doing and it'll be fine. It'll work out

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