Does the No Contact approach really work?

Girl I was dating for just over a month told me last week she felt we rushed into things and she wasn't ready for a relationship--so while there was no official break-up we both felt it was her letting me walk away from her. She texted me later that night saying how sorry she was and that she'd probably regret her decision. Ultimately the texting conversation ended with me not responding to her last text. That was over a week ago and there has been zero contact since.

If my ultimate goal is to get her back do I apply the No Contact approach? My concern is that she is pulling the No Contact approach too. Does this no contact approach even work when a guy does it to a girl?


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  • Hmm I don't think it works. Ii stopped talking to this one guy I met through a dating site, we both just stopped contacting eachother.. and i don't feel a need to pursue him, I don't know about him tho..


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