How does he feel after our breakup? Help needed!

Okay so my ex and I were dating for 5 months. We broke up about 10 days ago. We go to college about 2 hours apart and live three and a half hours apart. He always said how much he loves me and never wants to lose me etc. A few weeks after we got back to school we got into an argument about him talking about how hot other girls are on social media and never even acknowledging me-it made me feel unappreciated. He said that he loved me too much to end things so we continued to try and work things out. After another week or so he wasn't improving at all so I broke up with him-he asked that I give him another chance and still nothing changed. Finally, I broke up with him one last time and he said that he wanted to just take a break. So we did and I idiotically contacted him. He said that he wants to wait until after fall break so he can talk to his dad and get his imput and just think about things. After four or five days I asked him where he was leaning towards because I didn't want to be strung along if things weren't even going to work out. So we ended it for good. He said that he feels with the arguing and the distance (we were both busy so it was hard to see each other as often as we did during the summer) he felt like he lost connection.
Anyway, so after he started tweeting other girls alllll the time and favoriting their tweets, etc. When on a trip with my family, I innocently tweeted about the amount of attractive guys there were where I was. He unfollowed me on Twitter & Instagram about an hour after that. I texted him asking if we could talk on the phone followed by another text asking him to at least reply a half hour later-no response. I haven't contacted him since and do not plan on it. I still check on his Twitter and noticed that he almost never tweets other girls/favorites their tweets anymore. I just want to know what it sounds like is going on with him - does he miss me? is there a chance he'll want me back? etc.
P. S. sorry for the lengthy post!!


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  • He apparently doesn't miss you to a point where he wants to talk to you or else he would have texted you back. Is there a chance he'll want you back? Maybe; but better question is why would YOU want HIM back? Dude is obviously a flirt and unless you are both in your last semester at school and are planning on living near each other after graduation, you and him will never work. Long distance relationships are tough enough but throw in trust issues... they are impossible and waste of time.

  • Who cares how he feels? He's your ex. Rule #1: Never deal with ex's.


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