Is it normal for a man to all of a sudden lose his feelings when he has a great woman by his side who he has been with for 2 years?

My boyfriend of two years broke up with me a month ago. Our relationship was really mature and fun. We had great communication and trust. He randomly broke up with me and said he just wasn't feeling it anymore. He said he doesn't understand how he could lose his feelings for me when i was such an amazing girlfriend but that he couldnt continurw being with me if that was how he felt. I asked to try to save our relationship because it was indeed a great and rare relationship but he kept telling me he would never gain his feelings back. Is that normal? Can someone just wake up one day and lose their feelins when they had no reason to? Is there a chance he could come back to me?


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  • My best friend 'lost' his feelings for his ex-gf of 4 years, when in reality, he had been flirting and getting close to another woman (who was admittedly hotter than his ex). He'll come back if that doesn't work out, and if you take him back, you two are meant for each other...


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  • I think that can happen when a guy realizes he does not truly love the girl. In your situation, would it be that he has his eyes on someone else or there is a specific problem that he has to take care before dating? I think within 2 years, he must feel a strong connection already and won't lose feelings that easy.

    • I know for sure there is not another girl involved. I seriously dont get it ://

    • Maybe ask for the reason that he wants a break-up.
      If there's nothing wrong (major argument, you did s. thing wrong, etc) between you guys and you even tried to keep him, but won't work, then I guess there's not much you can do about it. So sad! :/
      I personally think if a guy is too determined to ask for a break-up, there's nothing can change his mind. That's just me.

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