If she breaks up with you is she worth fighting for?

So just got out of a long distance relationship, we dated for 2 years and 9 months, and she broke up with me because we were fighting too much the past two months and according to her it's mostly my fault cause I'm careless as long as I get what I want (Is what my aunt told me from a conversation with her a few days ago.) I mean we might have because I was stressed over school but I can't really remember...
I don't want to let those years go to waste, we had great times and of course a few bad. Anyways she changed her number and blocked me basically from every social media we used. She still has my aunt added, and a album of our old photos called "most amazing time of my freaking life" on her FB.
Does that mean anything? Is there a small chance she might comeback to me? Or should I just move on?
I really do love her, but I don't know what to do, I'm so confused cause I made sure my schedule for anything went with hers so if I were busy she was busy and we had time for each other.
What did I do wrong?


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  • you know arguing in a relationship once in a while is showing a healthy relationship. but fighting is just too much. i think she had enough of it too. if you really want her back then ask your aunt for help. else.. forget her


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  • Considering she went through the trouble of changing her number and blocking you from the social media you both used, I'd say she did so to deter you from fighting for her and giving you false hope of a future reconciliation, for now, at least.

    "What did I do wrong?" She thinks you are careless, selfish and combative. By the way, clearing your calendar to spend time with her and spending time with her does not mean the time you spent with her was of quality.

  • If a girl wantes you back, she might tell you the reason why she broke up with you, in the hope that you change or apologise. She didn't, hence maybe she didn't even be bothered.

    That's just my opinion

  • Just walk away. If she wants you back, then maybe consider it, but if a woman broke up with me, I would move on with my life and never look back.


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