I don't love him and I don't know why? Am I giving up a good guy, or is it ok that I feel this way? HELP!!?

We have been only dating for two months at the time I guess I was in the honeymoon phase I wanted forever. I wanted marriage I thought he was amazing. I felt! he was amazing so he moved in with me and then just being around him an the more I got to know him... truthfully I feel like he is a complete idiot. I thought he was a man with depth and intelligence. When I realized that about him that's when my feelings started going down hill. Then after that i realized he moved in with me and can barley handle his own bills that was another deal breaker... thank goodness i can handle my own bills on my own. We argue about money... And now he is turning it around searching for a better job. But at the end of the day i don't care, and it doesn't matter to me. Im trying not to be cut throat to a guy that loves me , would do anything for me and is trying to do better. But im just to the point where i just want a guy that has his shit together. I've been with worse i should be happy right? But im not he is expecting me to stand by his side like a god damn marriage and when i try to explain myself he says that im bringing old relationships into ours. When really im just trying to explain to him that im not going to deal with the same things over again whether you are a dick or a good guy. I don't deserve that I don't think that i have the patience to lift him up and support and push him to do better. I've done that already. And now im just losing attraction for him i don't even want him and he gets like a little clingy puppy and i feel so bad. I know i messed up with letting him move in and i know i sound harsh, or mean but am i wrong to feel this way. He says im being immature because i don't want to be supportive of his decisions, and because im selfish and i don't want to work as a team I don't think im ready to be a team with somebody or maybe im just not compelled to be a team with him. I need some opinions please.


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  • You certainly made a mistake moving him in only after 2 months. However, you need to get him out. He's a nice guy, but he's obviously still very immature.

    • Thank you, he is 30 can't handle his own bills then he gets with me doesn't start doing anything about until I said something then he says im doing this for us for you. Truthfully I don't want to hear that bs don't wait to get with me to do better for yourself he should have been done that for himself and thinks im selfish because I don't see the positive in it but what he doesn't understand is that im not going against my expectations. I just don't have the patience to treat him like a child. When I snap he is like why are you acting like your my mom but yet he wants me to oh baby him that's so good your doing so good by going out an getting a good job. Then he says I though this was for better or for worse so I had to remind him that we just started dating and he can't expect that from me.

    • He's 30? Then he DEFINITELY is immature. You don't have to be mean about it but just flat out tell him "You're nice, but you need to get yourself together before you can even have a relationship and support someone ELSE. I am not your mother, I'm not here to support you. I'm telling you to move out and you have 30 days."

    • well said, its been so hard to tell him the blunt truth but im going to this weekend. he asks me do I love him and I think he knows I don't but yet he trys to force it an manipulate me and tell me I should be like heaven to you. Ahhh no yea it ends this weekend I give him 30 days. And I think I will feel so much better when he is gone.

  • People can hid who they really are for about 90 days into dating. You were in the honeymoon phase, and now you're paying for letting it cloud your judgement. Get out before you go further down the rabbit hole.


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