I am meeting up my ex-girlfriend tommorow?

Hi, i will try to be short. Me and my girlfriend i am 20 she is 22, broke up 1 week ago.. after we broke up she said that she would rather see if we are on some kind of "pause" for some time so she sees what she wants ( we had some argue issues in relationship that's why we broke up "pause"). so today i asked her if she realy love me, tell me the truth if you were with somebody else.. then she replied that she was with 3 guyz (making out) and that she cried when she was doing that so it would ease the pain. My question is, is it worth to even try to make this relationship work (we were together 2 years) after i heard that she was with 3 guyz i felt completly numb, crying.. i have never experienced so much pain.. She also said that she regret doing that and if we didn't break up she wouldn't do it.

my quick question. Can this relationship even work? i know i did a lot of mistakes (thats why we breakup) and i was also trying to fix them but it was just to hard to change everything or every mistake in just months.

UP: today we were talking on meeting up so converstaion escalated and so it came to that question if she has been with somebody else
i still really love her and apparently she does to
It is over guyz.. tommorow in morning she replyed that there is no point in meeting.. i then wrote her goodbye sms and she cried.. and said that she cares for me but that we are not in love anymore.. So it is over. I never sufered so much as i am now


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  • In 1 week she hooked up with 3 dif guys? Wow. If I were you I'd cut all contact with this girl. If she really--and I mean really--cared about you she wouldn't have asked for a pause in the first place, but even if you give her a pass on that there is no way I would be ok with her hooking up with 3 guys just days after this "pause". It's not that I don't believe in second chances but if you took her back these instances with other guys would always be in the back of your mind. I hear you that you love her, but I don't know how you could say she loves you--nobody that's ever been in love with someone else would ask for a pause and hook up with 3 dudes.

    • yeah i see your point, she told me that she cried and she did that because she was so hurt and was trying to get ower with things in that kind of way.

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  • LOOOL big lie short lie cut the contact with her if she was really in love with you she wouldn't hook up with 3 guys 2 days after you 2 broke up use your mind not your heart I didn't heard ever person in love will do that you love her okay but back to her you are Insane forget and move on there is 10000 girl around u choose what you want that girl doesn't even cares about you..


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  • 3 guys? Wow. That's a LOT of guys. But that probably also means she's not cheating on you on a guy, but rather... looking for some kind of emotional support or need that she hadn't been able to find with you. A general need for attention and thrill maybe.

    I'll leave it up to you whether you think that's good or bad.

    Anyway, I don't think you should make up so early. You still sound pretty emotional yourself. Give it time. And think for yourself after a few weeks, is she really worth it?

    • I don't want to even count how many guyz she would have been with if i would ask her that 1 month later. I don't even know if she is worth it anymore. Yeah when i read that sms she sent me that she was with 3 guyz.. never had this horrible feeling in my life, i didn't even have that horrible feeling when someone close to me died now you can compare a bit what was the feeling. I realy loved her, still do even tho i realy just don't what to if you understand me. I'll meet up with her tomorrow and we'll see. But do you think that she is a weak person for doing that? Is it possible that this strenghten relationship? Because we have not been a really good boyfriend/girlfriend to each other for last 2 months (to much arguing)

      I just don't know i read somewhere: "once a cheater, always a cheater" but on the other hand we were not together that time if you look it that way.

    • Personally? Yes, I think she doesn't hold her convictions strongly enough. I would judge her weak because of that, or maybe she was never really one to think it very important, in which case it's even worst than being weak in conviction.

      She really loves you, you say. How does one cheat when they are in love? And with 3 people, no less. Is it physical desire or need for emotional support that led her to cheat?

      Because I don't understand her, and why she did it, I cannot see how she would not do it again, nor how she can turn over a new leaf. And having no emotional attachment to her, I can see that from a practical standpoint that she would not be suitable for a relationship.

      I haven't been cheated on before, but I know the emotional struggle from deciding that someone you're emotionally vested in, isn't logically worth your time. Feelings just mess us up sometimes.

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