Is my ex bf in denial about his feelings for me? Always plays the. friend card?

It has been a few months afthe broke up.. He will only talk to me by text until he knows' I changed' for the better. Texting has not gone well because he keeps bringing up boundaries and continuously saying 'we are just friends' ! It seems like he is trying to protect his own feelings by repeating this each time we talk. ' ...

He also says things like I shouldn't think that he will be back on a normal comfort level with me so easily. Blah, blah. It looks like he is the one with conflicted feelings if he has to keep bringing up the fact that we are 'just friends now'. Also, saying things like 'u know why we are friends and because if your behavior I had to back away and break off'. Yes, I did actually cause him to break up with me by pushing him to his limits and being judgemental, mean, etc because he failed to fulfill certain things/plans he promised.

He also said, 'u can't bring back old feelings or the past', BUT also says, 'things happen naturally; not artificially' . 'If things are meant to happen, then they will without effort and if it's not meant to be, then nothing you do can change that.'

WTF? It sounds totally delusional and he is denying his own feelings for me. Maybe saying these lines about 'friends' and 'destiny or not' is just to convince himself not to be with me again or to avoid getting hurt by meagain?

He always tells me to talk of a new topic, but then mentions this crap each time and blames me for bringing up the past!
What's the deal guys?


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  • sounds like he is crazy. I would stay the hell away from this lunatic.

    • Lol But, what does it all mean?
      What's more is that he ends up calling/ labeling me as 'fucking crazy' when he can't see his own behavior!

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