I did everything to get rid if this feeling after ex bf of ldr... can't move on. help?

Short story. He was my first sexual experience, first kiss, first love... Someone who told me he wants to get married with me. He did everything during a year of long distance after a year living together during school. We texted, we skyped everyday, we met every two months for about three weeks. Then i accused him of not tryin to relocate anywhere in the fucking world and he said we are sacrificing too much and in the long term this will ruin us first in terms of not achieving what we want in our careers second focusing on each other rather than ourselves as individual. He cried a lot but then he said he dont imagine a future with me anymore. This hurt me a lot. I didn't talked to him since 7 months (just twice for his birthday about 3 months after bu and something else). I forced myself not to do stupid stuff written on the net like how to get ex back. I started exercising more, joining clubs, picking hobbies, travelling, spending no time alone or on the internet. and kinda getting close with a guy (in still talking to him and he likes me but this is another ldr if it happens) nothing works. Seven months and counting more but i still think of my ex wonderig what he is doing ans sometimes at my room suddenly crying abd wishin him to call me and tell me he wants to be with me too. Please help me what i should do. Really i need anything. Pls pls pls help me.


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  • It sound like your lives are going in two different directions. You can either fight the current, or discover what's just beyond the river bend, with peace of mind that with 7 billions people on the planet, you might find someone equal, if not better, whose path is right alongside yours and your dreams and aspirations.

    • thanks but i really couldnt find anyone who is that much compatible with me in every sense in 22 years. and when i found him i was so convinced that he is the one. now the guys i met are not as compatible as him.. either bad music taste, or bad clothing, or not reading books, or finding the things i am like to do for fun as really boring stuff... i am really discouraged that among those 7 billion, i have noone that will match me and i believe and am afraid that i will be alone forever... i want to talk to him so badly in my heart but my brain says "no you shouldn't be needy, you shouldn't beg, you deserve much better, there is a reason that he is your ex now.. " etc.. i dont know what to do.. i am tired of fighting these feelings everyday. this obsession and feeling really affects me everyday in a bad way especially in my job, i can't concentrate on my things and finish stuff on time. my boss recently noticed that i am all the time extending the deadlines and having problems

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