I broke up with my Girlfriend and I'm regretting it?

Okay, so me and my girlfriend broke up a couple of weeks ago, I feel that I made a massive mistake in this because it wasn't based off of not having feelings for her anymore. It was due to distance. I've tried to fight for her and win her back, but everything I've tried has either backfired or failed completely. What do I do?


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  • Why did you break up with her in the first place. Just because of the looks? GROW UP? She's treated you fine and you dumped her because she's not looking the best? This has happened to me before and it's the worst! You should think about what you've done. I'm not suprised if she dosen't come running back.

    • I never once said that it was because of looks, read the question.

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    • when did I say I lost interest? READ THE QUESTION.

    • Due to distance you got rid of her for that?

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  • Girls can be pretty sadistic when it comes to stuff like this, she probably still has feelings for you but depending on how you broke it off with her she could be thinking with her brain instead of her heart.

    If that is the case you basically have to make her heart over power her brain. Don't try and contact her too much, send her flowers to her house or work, maybe send cute messages for her to wake up to and smile too. Honestly the best way too do it, is do stuff that all your mates would think your gay if they knew you were doing it.


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  • That's strange. People usually don't end relationships when they are still deeply in love with each other. I understand that distance can be an issue, but if you really love someone you make it work. She's probably very upset, especially if she didn't see it coming.

    All I can say is be patient. But any person would be careful letting someone in their life again after that same person gave up on the relationship. Logically and smart to do so.

    Maybe it's best to give her space so she can rethink. You can just break it of and expect her to be all happy when you decide you want her in your life again.

    I see your under 18 so maybe you think it's okay to just break up and get back together, and maybe most of your peers do have these on/off relationships. But most people are very serious about breaking up.

    It's very hard to say what else you could do with the little information we received.

    Good luck..

  • I would give her space. If its meant to be she will come back. For my experience me trying to get someone back annoys them and it doesn't work.


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