Put a lot of pressure on my ex boyfriend when he needed space, how to fix things?

I have been with my boyfriend for year and a half and he recently broke up with me. We broke up before and I put lot of pressure on him to take me back, and we got back together eventually. This time I try to stay away from him but unfortunately we work together and he's always the one that makes effort to chat to me.

I love him so much, and I want him back.. I know that I should never put pressure on ex/boyfriend, but unfortunately I did. Is he really turned off now? How should I act now? I know he knows I love him and will always get back to him if tries even a little, and I know its ruining the chances, as he knows he can always have me. I know he needs space now its been almost two weeks since we broke up and he will probably needs some more space, especially that I've given him so little before. If I will stop pressuring him now, is he ever likely to miss me? To want to get back with me? Would he ever think that I gave up on him and moved and then tried to take me back? There was no cheating or lying involved in our relationship we loved each other a lot. How long would it take? Any tips? Thank you all so much, I'm so heartbroken.. :(


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  • Are you sure he didn't just go out to get juice? :)

    • what do you mean?

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    • No nothing changed, we are in the same friend circle and I would have known if he was dating someone. As well as I would have known if there was someone before. I know he doesn't and want for a while anyone he said he only wants me and I trust him on that. I asked if there's someone else he said no and I trust him on that too. He's really not that guy to get with any girl, cheat or sleep or even date a random girl he just met.

    • Good thing you're not random then, huh? :D

  • I have sooooooo been there with my ex. Don't try to get back together, if you manage to, you'll probably break apart again. If you really want advice on how to manipulate him, I'm sure we can help, but it's probably not the best for you.

    Sucks about the working together >< That's a problem with dating at work... can you change jobs? Transfer? Find another one?

    • He texted me today, which is really surprising as I've always been the one to text/call him first if we broke up or had an argument. He saw me at work today when I was with one of my friends and we were both in giggly mood so we were laughing about something while he was there in the same elevator with couple of more people including my friend that has asked me something at the same time. He only poked me I didn't hear him saying hi to me or anything. He texted me saying 'Ehh... I said hi to you three times in the elevator and you didn't respond.'' To which I texted back after a while 'Oh three times? I didn't realise, I only thought you poked me!'' And he said ''No i said hi three times, and no replay from you'' Woooow I was shocked!! Later on he saw me with one of my mates he's been a little jealous about, having a chat and there was I in a good mood again, while he was by himself looking a bit lost and sad. Now, I haven't texted back I don't know what to say..

    • The only thing that comes to my mind is 'Do you want me to apologise for this?' But i don't want it to sound bitchy...

    • ... I think your 'Do you want me to apologise for this?' is about right.

      I mean, he broke up with you, he sees you having a good time with people besides him, and then gets irked when you don't include him. I can understand why he feels that way (feeling sad because he misses that with you, wants to be a part of happy giggliness, etc), but it doesn't mean he gets any claim on your attention.

      You already gave him as much of an apology is needed - you let him know you didn't notice his saying hi. If it were me, I'd text back 'like I said, didn't notice you' and then go eat a half-pint of ben&jerry's.

      Don't feel bad; you were doing other things with your life ^_^

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