Broke up 2 days ago and ex wants to collect his things at my house?

Broke up 2 says ago and ex boyfriend is already asking if he could come and get his stuff back. Is it completely over? I'm in no contact at the moment hoping to get him back. What should I do?
So he texted me again today to say that he's sorry for being so horrible to me and just letting me know he feels really bad about it. What does he want?


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  • Well, if he is going through this phase, then you should just put all his items outside for him to pick them up. He is not interested in you anymore, he is trying to make you beg him, or wants some time to think and later call you. Meanwhile, you can relax even more, so enjoy.

    • Thank you for responding.

      We broke up 2 months ago and he didn't ask for his stuff back. We got back together 2 weeks later and everything became much better. He claimed that he's breaking up with me this time because he has to move interstate next year for his studies and won't be able to maintain a relationship. I have a feeling he wants to cut ties ASAP because he knows he'll end up missing me again like last time. I don't want to give his stuff back :(

    • I do not believe he felt extremely pressured by you, but he has made his decision. All that matters is what you want to do.

    • I want the truth. Everything was going so well then he just suddenly changed. He was the one that convinced me that we would be fine and would be able to work something out. Then one night last week when I wasn't with him he started acting distant. Before that, we spent 4 nights in a row together including the weekend and he told me that we'd be fine. I just don't understand how everything could change in just one night.

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  • He's hurt and trying to get over it quickly. But wants ya still home girl

    • I've been trying to convince myself this is what he's thinking. I'm not going to bin his things but I just don't want to give him back his things yet. Is it alright if I return them once I've completely moved on? He's always told me that he's never had such strong feelings for anyone and that he just feels right with me. I understand that his studies next year would be his priority at this stage of his life, but I just don't understand why he wouldn't even want to try it out and see what happens between us.

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  • I am sorry to say this, but your desire to want to get back together with him does not give you the right to hold his belongings hostage. The only thing you are doing is tempering his desire to leave and stay gone. Just do like anyone else would and put his stuff on the porch and give him one call warning him to remove his stuff. Getting back together will only work when he knows he can stay or go at his choice. Good luck.

    • If he's already asking for his stuff back in 2 days, does that mean he's already moved on and we have absolutely no chance?

    • Not necessarily. It just means he wants to be removed from your house, at least for the moment. That can change and things can be made better again. Sure, from what you are stating, it seems it is possible for things to change. But the best way to drive a guy away for good is to be over clingy.

  • Give him his damn stuff back, I've had too many girls throw out my stuff and burn my shit. If you just give it back without messing with it he'll be happy.

    • Well, I wish I could help both of you, but if he wants to leave then you should let him and give his items back. If he truly loved you, he would take you with him or stay with you, in other words, try to be with you almost every moment possible. Like I said earlier, simply move on and find another person who is willing to spend more moments with you.

    • I dont need help just wanted to say dont go crazy and throw his stuff out when he says there's no way you're getting back together. @RTMeeks7

    • Last weekend he kept telling me he wanted me but he just needed time to work it all out. Then on Monday he broke the news, I'm not sure if it's because I pressured him to make up his mind. I'm just so confused why he'd do this so quickly when he claimed that he cared a lot about my feelings.

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  • It's probably over, get his shit to him ASAP and move on.


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