What Does She Mean by "Almost Cheated"?

A bit of background from both of us, this was my first girlfriend, I was her 3rd boyfriend. I thought the relationship was going very well despite us living an hour away from each other. I had never dated or kissed a girl until her, and I am still a virgin. She admitted that before me, she had kissed many guys and slept with 6 different guys. She has told me that she felt like a whore compared to me, but got over it because she cared about me very much. She hadn't been doing anything with other guys ever since she had her now 2 year old son. I figured this was all in the past.

I figured this would last a long time if not the rest of our lives. She even told me I was the nicest guy she ever dated. We shared lots of details about ourselves that we have never told anybody else. She trusted me, she was glad I was not in the relationship for the sex (which I wasn't , I never wanted to force her into anything she was uncomfortable with. The most intimate I ever got with her was kissing). Despite our distance, I made an effort to see her every week. We still texted all of the time when we couldn't see each other.

One night, she sent me a text, saying she needs to talk to me about our relationship. She ended up breaking up with me after a month. All she said is that she feels like a terrible person and feels guilty and doesn't want to hurt me. I figured she felt bad about her past with other guys. Of course, I was very sad. I was surprised that the next night, she texted me to see how I was doing. She had always been one of my best friends ever since we met, and she still is today.

About two months after our breakup, I asked her why she felt like a terrible person. This was when she told me she almost cheated on me, which is why she felt bad. Hearing this made me feel uneasy, but I appreciated her honesty. I don't want to ask her what she means by "almost cheated", but at the same time, it is my biggest question.


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  • She probably made out with someone else and doesn't consider that cheating. To some people, having sex is cheating and anything less than sex is only almost. Either that or she doesn't want to admit to cheating.


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