How to handle harassing ex?

I just broke up with my ex and we unfortunately still live together until I get my new appartment.
In the beginning it seemed going ok, but things have turned ugly.
In the beginning he still wanted sex and we made it clear its non-meaningful.(he actually just did it, when I showered, although I said, I don't think its a good idea).
Then the other night, we discussed and he told me all the things he doesn't like about my body and said he was actually not attracted to me in the beginning, but "learned to get over it". I felt really bad when he said that and told him, I don't want sex anymore. Now he doesn't accept a no, he is trying to touch me sexually and forces himself upon me, trying to have sex.
He even followed me, when I went to pee, and only stopped, when I started crying. I am actually really scared of him now. He doesn't get, that its over and talks about "our future"..
I don't know what else to do, and I feel so ashamed and disgusted... Please tell me, that his behavior is not respectful and not normal..
Thank you guys for your helpful answers. I know I did a mistake with the sex, I think I was just too scared to say no, when he inititated. I now live at a friends place until I move.


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  • It's somewhat normal. Most ex (in case of Men) don't realize when somethings is over and if they are already a jerk it comes out even more so when you dump them. You need to get out of their ASAP and made a brutal mistake having non-meaningful sex with someone who doesn't understand what that means. Stay with your parents or a friend even if it's just the couch.


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  • Yea.. its normal for the insecure guy. You messed up by even allowing sex after the break up, now he thinks he can get it any time. Calling the police is kind of extreme (not counting the fact that when he gets out of jail, he will be angrier and things may get worse)... an easier way is to start showing interest in another guy/ dating another guy. That guy will be happy to put an end to this if your ex doesn't get the hint at first.

  • Call the police. The cannot force him to leave but he will be on warning. you may get an order of protection which could force him out of the house.

    Talking negative about your body is just a way to hurt your feelings. All women feel bad about one thing or another and to begin hitting nerves show how he thinks of you.

    I would call the police just to put him on notice.

  • Get the fuck away out of that house, let a friend call him and say that if he touches you again he will fuck him up.

  • Oww did he rape you. .. omg i wanna kill him

    • Nono.. thank god it was not rape.. but he stood naked with an erection in front of me and tried to touch me sexually while I was on the toilet. at night i woke up because he triedto touch me, puts his finger in or penetrate me...

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