" I guess you really forgot about me, that sucks" NOW guys don't say " he is your EX" bla bla!, be honest now why would I still be getting these txt?

broken up for a few months now, I was ALWAYS after him and I moved on, he sent me a text two weeks ago saying he was sad or down and I said " what was wrong" HE NEVER REPLIED, so I guess it was him wanting ME to chase him, and I didn't, almost two weeks later meaning TODAY I get an early text, of him saying " oh u really forgot about me" that sucks... wtf is this suppose to mean? and don't say he is your ex bla bla!! GUYS give me your input is he bored? will my silence make him feel bad? he was very personal and a cold bastard by the way ---


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  • Hmm, this is purely based on assumptions, but I feel like he is probably lonely now that he is lonely. The single life is probably not what he thought it could be and he is feeling needy right now. The easiest option for someone in this situation is go to what is easiest, AKA you. He may have tried to contact other people first with no avail, and came to you after, or conversely, you may have been the first he went to, if he didn't have anyone else to turn to. I would say this is the most likely scenario. He is feeling needy, don't be fooled, in this state he will probably say anything in order to get the attention he wants, then when his needs are fulfilled he will probably just fuck off again.

    • haha this is thus far best answer I have ever heard!!! I think it all sums up to that! he is indeed lonely I think... I have been ignoring him and now I have his undivided attention

    • Thanks. He will probably try to appeal to your emotions and tell you what you want to hear, just a warning.

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  • Many times over, Sunny88, just because two people Break Up doesn't mean they Can't And Don't Make Up and that it's Goodbye, my love. And with an "EX" that marks your soft spot with an X, I always find there is Motive and Opportunity if given a chance for what I Call----Friends with benefits.
    Of course after a "few months now" and still counting, he is Obviously Missing the Kissing that he had with you. After all you both are this item at one time, have a history together and along with this, he is feeling lonely, Feels Comfy with probably no one but you that he would really want in his life right now. It Is a newbie breakup.
    However, a Friends with benefits factor may be the Other thing he wants in his 'Life right now.' No hooked at the hip, being two birds of a feather and just be together whenever the moment feels right. Knowing him better than anyone and telling us how "Cold" he can be, you are also pretty wise to maybe what I am saying.
    It's your choice, your call how you would want to handle this sort of Ex flame. If you feel you don't want to have History repeating itself, then Silence is golden, blocking your phone and losing all Contact is one sure way to blow his light out.
    Good luck. xx

    • I agree we have been broken up for a few months now, when I use to reply to him he would take his time sometimes days to say ONE word, I have met someone else and dating is what im doing, now I am just curious why me? he does not tell me particular how he misses me or wants to talk to me is just a bunch of " I have forgotten about him" I haven't, I think about him but I don't text him, I want to move on because he wasn't someone who treated me like I am being treated but being the masochist we sometimes can be, we think about the one that made us cry... I think he is just bored and lonely

    • Maybem but I still feel if you gave in to his "Bored and lonely," he would try and get you to where he wants you----Physical. However, good you have moved on from him. I feel this is is motive... xx

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  • The 4th question about the same guy, you are really getting annoying

  • He's your ex. You got to move on... and you did, by your other question.

    By the way, your username is the name of the girl I'm in to right now, only without the 88, haha

  • He's trying to make you feel bad for him and come after him. Ignore him

    • why? he wants to be chased but I am sure its not to get back, so what is the point?

    • Immature little boy is the best answer I can give you.

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