Together for10marriedfor2 and as soon as she left she moved in with someone else. I found out 3 months later because she said she was at her moms?

The guy is a brother of a friend. A year after we got married she had to meet up with him for something I even knew about it. But a month or2 after my friend tells me that the brothers girlfriend found out they were texting each other. I asked her about it. She said it was nothing. I asked her to stop talking to him she said ya. We had adopted my friends kids during the last year of our relationship we both grow to love his kids and they would have been put in foster care. We have a daughter of our own. It started to get stressful and we were both stressed out at work. We started to grow apart but I didn't notice I had my head down and was trying to plow through it. The kids were only suppose to be with us for a year and thats all I was thinking about. Get through it and we can move on as a family the 3 of us. We would go to work come home and didn't do that much at home even I knew it was getting dull. I didn't care though I had a wife and a kid that I was proud of that was it. It was all over whelming for the both of us we started fighting more and brushing stuff under the rug more and more. I was doing it because all I though about was when it would be the 3 of us we can get back to where we were. But it all came to an end one sat morning when I kicked up a fuss about her spending more time away from home then at home.(now I know she was with him) because the last month we were together she was out almost ever second night and started spending at least one night on weekends at her "moms\sisters". She tells me he message her on FB around Christmas witch was 5month after the first time they were talking and she left me at the end of may. I realize after that her phone always on silent basically hiding her screen every time she looked at it all the signs. But now its 6months after she left and we talk when ever she's not with him and still texting like nothing happened. She says she thinks about me more now than when she left should I believe her


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