Any ideas on what's going through her mind?

So me and my ex broke up a month ago and haven't spoken since as we agreed to give each other space but we wish to remain friends as we have dated for 18 months and been best friends for 5 years.

So everything was going perfect up until about 2 months ago where we had a talk and she say she was worried about the future, she was worried that we would end up breaking up in 5 or 10 years and we would hate each other... But after the conversation we carried on as normal and were still happy (both admitted that) even up to just a week before we broke up she stayed over at mine and we fell asleep cuddling and in the morning she was telling me how perfect it was and we were planning to do new things and cooked diner together and were really loved up...

A week after that we brake up and her reasons are that she needs space and doesn't know if she wants a relationship anymore but that her feelings for me haven't changed and when she's with me she forgets about everything else... This is proven by the fact that after we broke up we still hung out and got pizza together whilst holding hands and still kissing...

Which I believe indicates she's still in love with me/attracted to me and we were both laughing so much that it wasn't like it was awkward?

So guys and girls could anyone give me an insight into what she is thinking? And maybe how to see if we still have a chance?

Thanks in advance

P. s. I could waffle on for hours with the many many many examples of up to only a week before we broke up of her saying how much she loved me and sending really really cute texts and wanting to be alone with me and hang out even if she was going out if get way? And we hadn't been arguing recently or did anything to anger each other?


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  • This is crazy complicated even for a girl. haha I think she does care about you, maybe she just isn't sure your the one for her. Also girls "friend zone" guys who are always there for them and will still hold their hand and kiss them. So you need to either be her friend no romance or be her guy. When you give her both she will just take advantage of it. No commitment to you and still all the romance. Sometimes its even more romantic because your not even required in a way to do that for her.

    • I wouldn't say I was friendzoned as a couple if days before we were watching a movie togerther cuddling and one thing lead to another amd next minute it's passionate love making in the floor... So how can it change? Like her still be so passionate but then want to be single?

  • She obviously is scared cause being with someone that long and having no commitment such as marriage is a scary thing. You could just up and leave. She is still talking to you because she obviously still cares about you. Maybe just give it sometime. I would hate for you to have a 500 days of summer situation

    • Sorry for asking but what is a 500 days of summer situation... Of all films that one has escaped me haha

    • 500 days of summer is about this guy who is head over heals for this chick summer and she keeps stringing him along the entire time. "I just woke up one day and knew"
      Knew what?
      "What I was never sure of with you"
      Sad sad story

    • Yeah I really hope that isn't how this ends... I mean it's so odd she was able to kiss me and love me just the same but not want a relationship? I'm planning on trying to woo her back because I could see that working?

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