Girls, was she right, or brash?

Well, years ago I used to date this girl online, we never met up or anything, our relationship was 3 months long, I learned that she was living the "emo" lifestyle and seemed very sensitive and troubled, even suicidal, as her boyfriend, I tried the best I could for her, bought her little gifts, cheered her up when she had a rough and doubtful day, then one day, she just, disappeared. 2 months passed and I feared the worst happened and assumed she killed herself. I began talking to this other girl online who was also troubled, unfortunately we ended up casually kissing in a convo we had (Just cyberly) one I felt sorry for her, two I was lonely and upset myself and she sort of reminded me of my ex who disappeared, that girl disappeared, my ex returned, I never spoke a word of it but she found out months later and dumped me on the spot for "cheating" on her. She later came back to me asking me to take her back, I declined her offer feeling it was a dirty trick she was playing and then she threatened to kill herself, so I took her back.

So, do you think she was right dumping me like that, I know I sort of made a mistake there but it was quite literately the lowest form possible of cheating, I thought she was dead and not coming back and it was a once-off incident


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