Is this cheating? Did he cheat on both of us? Or only her?

Person A: Male, has a girlfriend. Been dating her for about a year.
Person B: Is the girlfriend that Person A was dating.
Person C: Is the other woman he found. Person A, the guy, was in a relationship with Person C while he was still with Person B.

Person C did not know Person A and Person B were together. Person B also did not know that Person C had gotten into a relationship with Person C.
Person A and B both said that he that Person A technically not cheat on Person C. But Person C feels like she was cheated on because she never knew about Person B, she would never have been a relationship with Person A, had she known he already had a girlfriend.
Neither Person B nor Person C agreed to an open relationship. Person A made both Person B and C believe it was an exclusive relationship.

Did Person A cheat on Person C? Or was it only Person B he cheated on? Did he cheat on both?
  • Person A cheated on both Person B and C.
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  • Person A only cheated on Person B. Despite Person C not knowing about Person B.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • That was kinda confusing but we didn't have to read the whole thing to call it cheating. Plain and simple


Most Helpful Girl

  • Either way he was still cheating. Just because person C was found after person A started going out with person B doesn't mean that both B&C weren't both cheated on. Also this is what is partly wrong with the world

    • Thank you! When I found out, well when me and the other woman found out about each other, she said he didn't actually cheat on me. And he said that too. I was like what? Of course he was cheating on me, he led me to believe he was completely single. I had no idea he had a whole other relationship. I guess she was angry with me and said that he cheated on her only and not me because I was the "other woman" since they were already together before me. But as I said, I would never have gone with him if I had known he was already in a relationship.
      I don't know why they both were arguing with me trying to convince me that he only cheated on her.

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What Guys Said 2

  • He lead person c to belive something that was not true, theft or cheating how ever you want to see it.

  • He cheated on both, definitely. And he's a scumbag.


What Girls Said 3

  • No matter how you slice this lopsided cake, A is an Ass for Cheating on not only his other half, B for Blindfolded, but on You as well, C for Contented in Thinking You and him were----Definitely Exclusive, D And E.
    And with stringing you along like a lollipop and leaving her in the dark, he was not only this Cheat sheet but also "Cheated" Both You and Her and in my book, deserves to Have----- Zero.
    Good luck, you deserve better, sweetie. xx

    • thank you! Person B tried to get mad at me, as if it was my fault. I had no idea he had another girlfriend. I would never have gave him a chance.
      But they BOTH say that he "technically" didn't cheat on me, that he cheated with me. So he basically only cheated on her. But as I keep explaining, I didn't know about her. If I did knew he had a girlfriend, I would've gave him the boot. He made me believe we were exclusive. Same with her, but only difference he was with her before me. I told them I still felt as if he was cheating because I was under the impression that I was the only one.

    • Typical tom making excuses, but do not let him have the upper hand in making you believe anything than what it really is... Cheating on Two, Cheated You Both is the bottom line... And in my book, he is everything from A-Z that you can do without... Better her than you... xxoo

  • He played you both, not cool.

  • Both. Screw that guy!


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