Do I stay or leave help?

Long story short, I know this guy from collage that I ended up liking from day one but he had a gf so I became his mate and put my feelings aside... He then has "Offically" broken Up with his 4 year old gf... He told me he liked me not long after... It's been 5 weeks, me and him have kissed but not dating... I don't want to date a guy who just gotten out a long term relationship.., cos he most likly needs the single life to recover and enjoy... also that if I do date him, I risk him getting back with his ex... He still speaks too and about her, and he's on the path of "being friends with his ex" cos they were like really good mates before they started dating and they known each other for so long... I can't tell him who he can and not talk to... it's his choice, but I already have to many trust issues with guys who just messed me over... I'm worried about this one... What should I d0? Shall I try move on but stay his mate?:/ orrr I just don't know.. Need help ;(


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  • The timing isn't right.. He has not moved on. He needs time to sort out his feelings.
    I suggest you date other men. Keep a cool and casual friendship if you must. But not too close.
    Let him come to you when and if he is ready. Any bother situation and you risk getting Hurt


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