Guys, I was with this guy for 3 yrs. I broke it off been a year. He has a new gf. Is there a possibility we might have a chance?

3 yrs. 1 yr off but still I like him but he has a new gf. He started going out with her for a few months probably. His last words to me 3 days ago bc before (a day) he made false promises that he wanted to get back together anyways his last words were it didn't mean shit and I'm happy with her. You should move on. Will he regret what he said?


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  • You threw him away like yesterday's trash, and now you want him back? I'm sorry but.. Fuck you.

    • It is not black and white like I said. He moved. My freshman yr in college. I have no idea what was going to happen and I had work. Yea I am aware of my actions are wrong but you also have to keep in mind that you don't make false promises and then tell someone it did not mean shit. I'm not innocent in this situation I know. I made my mistakes but saying fuck you was not necessary.

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  • 1. he has a girlfriend
    2. he only comes back running to you when it's convenient for him.

    Don't wait out for guys who behave like that, it's his loss.


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  • Sorry he has moved on... Accept it and find another guy...

    • That's what I've been trying. It's not black and white. I wish it was. I'm trying. Taking it slow. I'm not going to just move on to another guy bc he has a new girl. Part of my waiting but I already know I'll be disappointed so yea. I hope I will find a guy. Thank you :) cuz reality is a bitch and ik ur right.

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