Ex texted me again after months?

So me and my ex had a weird relationship over the past year. We meat and she had a boyfriend she cheated on him but fell for me wanted to be with me but she had a moral crises and confessed to him after months of cheating and dumped me. They stayed together for a couple of months but she missed me and broke up with him and asked me for forgiveness and wanted to do it right with me. After a couple of weeks she went crazy again and was all scared that she did the wrong thing and ran back to him and dumped me again. Anyway we had a huge fight some things were said and done that shouldn't have been and we stopped speaking and actually even knowing each other. But after three months she showed up in some places where I was at and I lost it and tried to confront her and we had a huge fight again and she told me she never wanted to see me again and she's even blocked me on fb and my number said it was her last text ever to me. For all intents and purposes we were done for good. I was keeping away from places where I used to hang out so she could because I didn't want to see her.
A couple of weeks ago I was out of town and just met a girl but for some reason sent my ex a post card. It took exactly 2 days to arrive and a few mutual acquaintances found out that I had meat someone and what happened I get a text from her saying "Thank you for the postcard :)".
Obviously I didn't reply but I'm confused why she's texting me. She's obviously not just texting me because I went against her wishes. My gut feeling says that she's trying to initiate contact again but in a very casual way because she still has feelings for me. I still have feelings for her but I want her to make it a little more clear what she wants. Or could she just be thanking me. I think she's gonna show up somewhere more and more.
What should I do? Any thoughts on what's going on?
Thanks for the help :)
Now this is getting weird now she showed up at an event that she could have know I was going to be at. I don't know if she was there because she assumed I would be there or had some other reasons to show up but I didn't go because a friend told me.
Ok so a friend of mine commented a pic of us two on FB and after 4 days she commented on it even though she underfunded me and shouldn't see what I do. She found out. Why is she commenting and making weird provocations?


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  • You sent her a postcard, and in response, she succinctly thanked you via text. That, in and of itself is not indicative of an attempt to reconcile with you or evidence of her feelings for you.

    Nevertheless, I find it difficult to believe, after you have identified and experienced her patterns of deceit, you are willing to trust her at face value and entertain the notion of reuniting with her. Which leads me to ask, do you love dysfunction, or what?

    In any case, let her be. She is not exclusive, long term relationship ready.

    • Yeah on first hand it really looks like she would just thank me for the postcard but somehow I don't see her doing this after the last altercation we had. She let me know that she didn't want me pursue her anymore and she didn't want to be in contact with me. I admit sent the postcard to her hoping for a reaction but I figured it would be a bad one and not a thank you witch leads me to believe something is up.
      Yes you're right I know her patterns that's why I was sure she wasn't over me and that's why I was surprised when she cut ties with me and it surprised me now when she contacted me again. I'm sure it has something to do with trying to get back in contact.
      I know that it would be best to just do nothing and forget her but still she was a very important part of my life and I don't want to just throw something away.

    • My friend, you are not throwing your history and feelings for her away if you decide to move on.

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  • My suggestion, stay away from her and kill your feelings for her. She seems to be pretty messed up in the head, and it doesn't bode well for you in the long term.

    • No doubt about it that she's messed up and to be honest so was I from the whole thing. But still it's bothering me because I wanted her to show me that she still has feelings for me. I can't just forget about it since short and weird as it was this was the most intense relationship for me. I had never fallen for somebody like this and I can't just let it go but I'd like to play it so that either we get back together or I just don't want anything between us. Not from me or from her because I was just getting back on my feet a little.

    • Listen to this guy

  • you dont do anything. You continue on in your life like you never knew her.

    • That's what I'm doing. I'm respecting her wishes and not calling or texting her. But the fact is I did know her still do and was very much in love with her. Still have feelings for her. So I can't just drop it.

  • Dude. I just went through this. Run. Just run.

    • What was the end result? How did it go down?

    • Over the course of 7 years, she broke up with me 4 times, and cheated on me once. It drove me insane. The situation got the best of me, and I ended up screwing up one good time. But, before my mistake, I treated her like gold. Nothing I did in 7 years counted for anything. She left, cut me off completely, and now I'm here. Just don't do it.

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