Worth kicking out after finding out your girl is cheating?

So I spotted my now ex cuddling and kissing in a coffee shop couch.

I packed up her things left it outside, changed the door lock.

it turned out she has 2 other of these really *close*
Friends when she left a voice message and said it was all a misunderstanding
Was that too harsh? Or did she deserve it?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • A man's take on stuff like this is amazing - quite double standard from my standpoint. If a man is found in such a predicament, he wants or expects the woman to forgive him and continue the relationship like it never happened.
    I can understand how you must and felt and why you would've reacted that way.
    But, i also think that you should have dealt with it the same way you would have wanted her to deal with it if the shoes were on the other foot - to be fair.

    • Unfortunately my previous serious relationship ended in a similar note and I have an older brother who messed with some of my good friends.

      I know how a girl feels if it happens to them because of my ass hole of a brother.

      And I reflect that same feeling if a girl does the same to me

    • I think this is too judgmental he never said that she should have dealt with it differently if the roles were reversed no one deserves to be treated like that if you're with someone you're with only them you don't want to be with them break up don't pretend it wasn't what he saw.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes she deserves it. I am one to say cheating isn't just "kissing" and such. There are boundaries she is clearly crossing here. You regard cuddling as a mutually exclusive activity and rightfully so. You don't just go cuddling with random people so neither should she. She's clearly emotionally involved enough with this other guy to go cuddling. Keep this bitch out of your life. The fact that they're trying to convince you it was a "misunderstanding" is just a sign that she's toxic enough to try and convince you that you're "wrong" about what you saw.


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What Girls Said 5

  • She deserved it of course. But I still think you should let her explain. I would have been curious about what she has to say about it.
    But then again, maybe you were right to decide not to waste another minute on a girl like her.

  • You deserve a medal... You could have gone crazy instead you walked away and very "nicely" kicked her to the curb. I truly applaud you!

  • You did the right thing, honestly.

  • I don't understand the poll options? Was it enough? No. Did she deserve it? Yes.

    What do I vote?

  • "Yes" she deserved it. "No" it wasn't too hard. You can't trust your poll, we don't know what we are answering too..


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