Ex wanted to be friends but ignoes me?

When she broke up with me she said she wanted to remain freinds (Very important to her that I remained her friend and supported her)

But why does she ignore me?
I tried the No Contact. After that she was very chatty for a few days, and wanted to know everything about my life. Like she actually wanted to be friends...

. After that she is cold again and ignores me... :(


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  • I think she's going through the part where people actually move on. I'm very sorry to hear about your break up and times a great healer. The best thing to do now is take a leaf out of her book and do excatly the same thing. Really she dumped you. You have no obligation to offer her friendship when she wants it. Don't let her dump you and use you. That's not cool
    Stay strong x

    • I was actually moving on. I did No Contact for my own good. To heal and to focus on myself... I did good... SHe tried to contact my like 6-7 times in that period. Just random "How are you" every time... But no calls, no sign of desperation from her.
      Why did she have to show up and start texting me like this again? And ask so much about my life now and the get cold again? We were moving on already...

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    • So cut her off entirely?
      Should I tell her I dont want her to contact me or just ignore her texts?

    • To be completely honest.. if i was you. Yes i would.

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