Does this sound like a rebound?

So my ex boyfriend broke up with me, we were together for 3 years really had a great relationship, really loved each other. I don't know why he broke up with me really, there are a lot of unsolved problemso no closure. So 2 weeks after he dumped me he said he started seeing someone, then a month in a half they are in a relationship. She is totally opposite then me, she is bigger swears a lot shows her bobs not many friends all pics on her Facebook are of her, she just looks like trouble.

This is where I get confused she had to go to a alc school for some reason, so she didn't even graduate from her own school, now I'm saying this bc my ex is very picky he wants his woman to have a good career good paying job, so how could he be with this girl that had to go to a alc not graduate with her class, got done with school when she was 21? That is totally not his type? Why would he want to be with someone that is way below his standards? By the way this guy can't handle his emotions he either runs or covers it up by smoking or drinking or putting on this act of being a bad guy when really deep down he is very sensitive sweet guy? Is he taking the breakup bad or is he totally over me?


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  • She sounds like she's been around a bit and probably has a wild sex life and this new relationship is probably based on that. He won't need emotions if its just sex and he's released himself from the relationship with u and everything that comes with a normal relationship. In time he'll probably regret leaving u but he sounds troubled if smoking and drinking are his solution to problems. Life with him would be too up and down so he's probably done u a favour. Move on and be happy.

    • I understand where you are coming from, but he is not really like that, he won't just sleep with anyone. What do you mean by he has released himself from the relationship with me? Do you think this is a rebound? Like someone to hang out with someone to avoid his pain? Do you think he is over me in that short time? I'm still missing him I do want him back still.

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    • You have been a big help!

    • Hopefully it will all work out then :-D

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  • If you didn't see the breakup coming then you were really much more disconnected than you think. Because when you're close, when a rift starts to form between you two you feel it. That fact that you didn't shows the relationship wasn't as good as you think it may have been at the time. If you really give it an honest look.
    She is providing something for him that he needs that you weren't. What that is i don't know. But who knows, he could be regretting his decision now

    • OK so what do you think I should do? Leave him alone talk to him?

    • Well actually yes I seen we were having problems, he kept distancing himself from me the last couple of weeks, but I didn't know what to do I tried talking to him I was always there for him, I guess it didn't help.

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