Breakfast with an EX?

Me and my Ex were each others first loves (we were together 4 years), we broke up in 6 months ago (I broke up with him) he was heart broken, a couple weeks later I asked him to talk about us and he told me and he had a new girl, he said being with her helped with the pain of the break up. I told him I want to talk out us getting back together and he said I can't right now. We occasionally talk and he said he blocked me on social media because he would look at my pictures everyday and he said it was getting unhealthy, I kept telling him I want to get back together and he said I still love you but can't right now.
Anyways, today we went to breakfast, he casually spoke about his new girl and said that he had lied to her about what he was doing while he was with me, we spoke about when we were together and the good times. Any advice to what he's thinking, Would he want to get back together?


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  • lol yes your in a good position to get your ex boyfriend back hun just this time when you get him back don't let him go stay calm talk things out with him because its not worth losing him again over just keep doing what your doing flirting and talking to him your not wrecking anything there for he is not serious with her meaning have anything life wise with her and your single he's not if he messed up thats his own fault you can do whatever you want because your single so whatever falls back on his relationship is his fault but thats good because then you guys will be together again and both be happy together


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