What does it mean if he keeps looking at me?

Basically me and my ex had a bad break up about 4 months ago, and he went on about how much i upset and hurt him and how he has never been that upset/hurt. He has got back with his ex and theyve been together for about 2-3months, recently I've had about 3 people ask why he always looks at me, and i have catched him a few times as well, I've also noticed he tries to have conversations with the person i sit next to in class but when he talks to him he's looking at me, Though he has started to stop his girlfriend where ever im going and kisses her though when im not around he doesn't do that. The other day i had 2 days off and they day i decided to come back he was off aswell and just everything seems very odd, im not sure whats going on but he makes out he hates me yet everyone says it seems like he still has feelings...
He is also asking the boy he thinks im getting with if they are friends and that he doesn't care even though they dont speak...


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