My ex says she loves me but wants to be with another guy!

My ex girlfriend broke it off 3 weeks ago saying she liked another guy but still loved me. She now loves him and wants to be with him. The thing is.. she loves me too, but doesn't want to be with me for now. She prefers him because its more simple. He makes sure she is okay 24/7. He's in her class so they see eachother all the time. However I have changed since she broke up with me. She says I have changed for the better. Yet she ignores my texts and never speaks to me. I want her to choose me because I know for SURE that he will never love her as much as I love her. I am not gonna see her for 2 weeks due to holidays. Should I hold myself back from texting her? I always ask my friend how she's doing just in case she ever feels sad. But I want her to choose me. I want to prove to her that my walls are down and that I can fully commit myself to her now. I want us to be together and I will always put her before me. I need her in my life and can't stand to see her with another guy. Not to mention.. I see them everyday. I wouldn't stand seeing her kiss or hug him everyday. He has taken my spot and it hurts because she was my friend too.
I need advice guys.. i'm so lost and confused. This other sweet girl is chasing after me but I don't want to hurt her and my ex (she's jealous of this girl). Please help!


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  • I would avoid everyone else but the person you like and your friends the best way to show someone you care is threw actions you can when a person over by doing the stuff that there boyfriend or significant other can't do for them i wouldn't ignore her because so many people wish they had someone who would put there all into showing that they aren't just someone to them but they mean the world to them your in the position to where maybe stepping down from trying to get with her and be a friend and work your way up to being more if you think about it you being a friend and her telling you stuff about her relationship that goes wrong will help you win her back because then you know what to do and what not to do i would give it two weeks and then try that and see how it goes


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