Ok have a question about getting divorced?

I've been with him for 17 years. He's shoved me into a wall a few times, no hitting, etc. He will put me down by calling me the C word, bitch, slut, etc. When he gets mad, he'll say I'm lazy, the kids like him better, I spoil the kids and no way in hell if I leave I would get custody of the kids. (They are 15 and 11) We haven't slept in the same bed or had sex for years! But I'm trying to decide if I make myself happy or stay for the sake of the kids?


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  • Have u talked to the kids to gauge their reaction to a divorce?
    Also, although the court will decide what happens with the kids, they are prob old enough to decide who they want to live with and this will be asked of them by the authorities, though it may not necessarily be adhered to.


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  • If you want to get custody, just tell the cops you are afraid of him. They will issue a restraining order, and he will be removed from the house. Later, you will be awarded custody (virtually guaranteed) and support, on the basis that it would disrupt the children to change the arrangement you created with the restraining order.

    This will still work even if you later admit to making everything up. That's how my mom did it on three separate occasions.

    As a bonus, you can also have him arrested if you want. Then you can sell or dispose of his personal belongings while he is incarcerated. This will have no bearing on the custody issue.


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